Home Is Where Your Honey Is

Written by Barb Bryce, Sue Smith and Augusta Supple

Music & Lyrics written by Sue Smith with Jeff Bird

Welcome to Calendula Meadow, where, since the Great Honey Agreement of 1964, bees and bears work side by side.  As winter approaches, you might think they are preparing for a long winter’s nap, but the truth is they are rehearsing for their Annual BEE-READY Variety Show.   The sudden return of Zolita reminds everyone to step up their game, but they are too busy rehearsing to heed her warnings of trouble on the horizon.  When the trouble indeed threatens their hive, the bees and bears must seek out a new home, and along the way they must convince a sleepy porcupine to give them some help. 


When Mermaids Sing

Written by Barb Bryce, Shannon KIngsbury, Sue Smith & Augusta Supple

Music & Lyrics written by Sue Smith, with Jeff Bird and Shannon Kingsbury

"When Mermaids Sing” follows the tale of two competing journalists on the path to find a story good enough to save their respective newspaper and TV station.   The gossiping Gulls on a northern ice floe suggest all manner of stories  - Lemmings who are learning not to jump,  the world’s trickiest foxes, the smash hit Vegan Rock Band, ICY DEEP C, and Mermaids who are melting out of the ice!  While in pursuit of the story, the trickery of the foxes balloons into a BIG problem. The journalists suggest the only hope for a solution is the famous Australian Pygmy Albino Hedgehog, Christine. Everyone finds themselves asking the question, "What Could A Hedgehog Do?


Oh Little Planet

written by Barb Bryce, Sue Smith and Augusta Supple
music by Sue Smith, Jeff Bird, Shannon Kingsbury

Many years in the distant future , somewhere far, far out in the Universe, a Perseid Meteor Dance interrupts the Grand Council Meeting of the Six Intergalactic Ruling Nations.  Their attention is drawn to a long-forgotten quadrant of the Universe where they notice a little blue green planet.   The discovery sparks interest, excitement, and a lot of singing and dancing.  But,  each nation has its own - questionable - plans for it, resulting in conflict amongst all.  Will it be blown up by the MetroGnomes?   Will it be made to Wobble?   Will the Ginsbergs’ poetry shed light on the situation?  Will anyone besides the all-knowing Omnios ever learn to listen?

Who Put Out the Lights?
written by Barb Bryce, Sue Smith and Augusta Supple
music by Sue Smith with Jeff Bird

Who Put Out the Lights? is about the Northern Lights,  Labradorite,  Lord Borealis’ lessons in all things north, Queen Aurora’s luminous spectacles,  the mischievous trickery of the tap-dancing Nuk Nuk Tuks and how Ursa Major, the Great Northern Bear can be called upon for weighty problem solving....

Hullaballo at the Grand Old Tree

written by Barb Bryce, Sue Smith and Augusta Supple

 All is well with the magical fairies who live at the Grand Old Tree until...the Ogres of Ogre-Opolis pay them a visit.  Things change in a BIG way.  Rabbits, Squirrels and Birds witness the consequences of misguided behaviour and decide to take action.   Can they rally the child fairies to help?   Can they save the tree?                                     

The Land of Hue

written by Barb Bryce, Sue Smith & Augusta Supple
lyrics by Sue Smith, Augusta Supple & Gwen Swick
Music by Sue Smith

World renowned Professor, Dr. Erasma Imaginatava Aristotalia Einsteinia Hawkview Hue, PdD, M. Colour, R.O.Y.G.B.I.V. delivers a most illuminating lecture on the history of the rainbow, and how a stranger, a chickadee, and a gypsy all provide foundation and fact pointing to the inevitable and vital truth of Dr. Hue’s groundbreaking theory.

A Little Bit of Thunder - A new children's musical

Written by Sue Smith, Barb Bryce & Augusta Supple
Music written by Sue Smith
Lyrics by Sue Smith, Jeff Bird, Barb Bryce and Gwen Swick

In the land of Left Field lives a community of farmers and their Fairy Godmother who sing and dance to grow healthy plants and healthy children. All is well until Thor, high on a cloud above Left Field, bullied by his big sister Mor, targets the farmers with a barrage of lightning and thunder. Haystacks burn down, lakes evaporate, farmers run and scream, the plants are too scared to grow - all of which Thor finds mightily entertaining. Even the Fairy Godmother is unable to lend her usual assistance - she herself is victim of the same mischief. By way of a mysterious traveller, cooperation, and wishes that come true, a solution is realized - involving garlic, scientific pursuit, a goat, a donkey and much singing and dancing.

The End of Something Bigg

Written by Sue Smith, Barb Bryce, Augusta Supple & Ashley Condon

Welcome to the BIGG Factory in Heavyville, where the workers are essentially robots making spare parts for a spare part machine. Ms. Reelie Bigg runs the factory with a heavy hand and Mr. Roboto teaches efficiency movement classes. One day, the unexpected happens when the usually mismatched sandwich board prophets start agreeing on something: "the end of the world is nigh”. Soon, the Princess of Endless Possibilities arrives because she was wished into existence. How can this be? What will happen? Will anything change? What might begin? Watch and find out about the "End of the World as We Know It”

You Should Be Dancing

Written by Sue Smith, Barb Bryce and Augusta Supple

Catch the last train to Clarksville to join Fran Fiddlesticks, Hannah Hopalong, and Lindsay Limbo in a special dance class taught by the world famous Dr. Yohandskneesandboomsidaisy. What will she teach them? Why is she wearing that scholarly outfit? And, why does Renee du Bal fall asleep during class? The Bouncers of "Club Sandwich” can explain it all...

Ruby Tuesday & The Magic Carpet Ride

An Adventure in the Land of Days
Written by Sue Smith, with Barb Bryce & Augusta Supple

Our play begins in the Land of Days, a place of confusion, singing, mysterious disappearances and a perfume maker named Mademoiselle Mystere. Why is she packing up and moving to France? Why can’t The Keeper of Days keep order and why does Ruby Tuesday disappear every day of the week except Friday? How does spilt perfume change the life of an heirloom carpet? How does Cleopatra show up on the scene and why is she in such a bad mood? All this and more is answered in our play.

When Snowmen Dance

A Leap Day Adventure
Written by Sue Smith & Barb Bryce

In the deep of winter, children are known to play outside in the snow, rolling it into big balls, piling them into human-like forms and then placing hats with magical powers upon their heads. Voila! We have snowmen; a new crop every year. We all know their lives are short-lived, but do they? How can they?

This year, as usual, the snowmen are bored, what with having to stand still day and night. Their teacher is distracted. She is worried. She has so many poems and songs to teach. On top of that, she has an extra challenge on her hands; the approach of Leap Day. Everyone know that a crazy kind of magic can show up on Leap Day. Worst of all is the pending lesson on "spring”. She knows she can explain it in terms of physics and chemistry, but how can she explain the meaning of life?

What will she do? What will she say? And what is the Snowhare up to in the little shack in the schoolyard with the sign posted, "Snowhare Travel Agency”?

When Dragons Meet

The 4323rd High Council of Dragons
Written by Sue Smith & Barb Bryce

You might wonder what goes on at a dragon convention. Meet the Sun Dragons, the Hummer Dragons, the Invisible Dragons and the Moon Dragons as they gather for the 4323rd High Council. See the crowning of King Sol, hear the delegations to the Council and witness the best ever dragon variety show. Before the night is out, find out what tricks Sneaky Golden Silver Ray Dragon has in store....

Trouble In the Enchanted Forest

Written by Sue Smith & Barb Bryce

Join storytellers Redwood, Blue Spruce and Evergreen for a musical visit to a magical forest where trees sing and dance around the fountain of youth. It is springtime, the trees are waking after a long winter’s nap. They are ready to dance! But, all is not well. Why does Prince Problematico have an unquenchable thirst for water? Why has he locked up the families of Robin Solve-the-Problem, Nestor Questor, and Gillian Get-the-Job-Done? The trees are quickly dehydrating. What will they do?


The Journey to Goldenheart
Written by Sue Smith

We meet a work crew building a railroad...but what is it for? And, where will it go? We learn there is more than one answer to these questioins. The workers are more than what they appear. Alter-identities emerge with questionable motives. Is this journey really leading to the gold, or is it a wild goose chase? Only an extremely large but familiar stranger has the answer.....

Quest For the Rainbow

Written by Sue Smith

We come upon a castle full of Knights and Ladies who are having a regular day...until Princess Posh points out the rainbow is missing. Where has it gone? Where will they find it? What magic is afoot? Why is Helga the Horrible lurking behind a tree? Why is she carrying that big old suitcase? Family ties, filling your heart with love, and the Red Knight’s important memory carry our story forward.

Griffin, Gwendolyn and the Blue Whales

Written by Sue Smith

If you really take the time to stop and listen, what might you hear? We join Griffin, Gwendolyn and Capitaine Typhoone as they go out to sea to listen. Just what are they hearing? The blues? What can this mean? Griffin and Gwendolyn argue and theorize over what they are hearing. The Know-It-Alls are called in for consultation. Capitaine Typhoone maintains his mysterious smile as we listen to the special message coming from the sea.

Angels, Monsters & Love Potion #9

A Hallowe’en Tale
Written by Sue Smith & Barb Bryce

Who knows what trouble angels and monsters will get into as Hallowe’en approaches? Just the thought of all that candy can be a problem. We learn that not all angels are "good”, nor are all monsters "bad”. Madame Ruth has an important message, and sometimes, a black cat has to step in and speak up.

Peace, Love and Let’s Sing

A Musical Play about the Beatles, the 60’s & the Search for True Meaning
Written by Sue Smith

Let us revisit the 60’s. John Lennon is alive and well and is writing songs with his partner, Paul McCartney. Beatlemania has taken hold of North America. Woodstock is the biggest alternative culture event anyone could have imagined. Most of all, there is a spirit of hope and a belief that the future can be created, not merely repeated.

Join us as we meet peace demonstrators, establishment guys, the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and more as they seek their own path of true meaning. What will they find?

Meet Me At Grand Portage

A Musical Play About Voyageurs
Written by Sue Smith

Our story begins in Montreal, 1785. It is May. The Voyageurs of the Northwest Company are preparing to travel 1000 miles inland by canoe to Grand Portage, where they will meet with "les Hommes du Nord”, elite voyageurs who spent the winters in the north and earned their black feather. It is the first trip for company managers McGill, McTavish and Ferguson. What will they find? Who is Wendigo and are his terrifying stories true? Join us as the Voyageurs sing their way across the country.

The Princess, The Cowboy & the Rocket Ship

A Musical Journey Through Time, The Wild West & Beyond
Written by Sue Smith

Our story begins on board a magic rocket ship. It is being driven through time by a group of Princesses. They have viewed such marvelous sites as the building of the great wall of China and the great Pyramids in Egypt. They all love to sing and dance, except for the very grumpy Princess Isabelle. All she wants is to go back in time and return to her castle. As this is impossible, she creates a lot of trouble for all concerned, and in a fit, she seriously damages the rocket ship.

Meanwhile, down on earth, a group of Cowboys and Cowgirls are keeping warm by their campfire. They look up at the stars and the moon and they notice a shooting star....or is it?

The Story of the Roving Dolphin and the Moonlight Stealer

A tale of musical adventure on the high seas
Written by Sue Smith

Two ships and crews of pirates are happily sailing the high seas, seeking adventure, treasure and secretly longing to return home. A huge storm shipwrecks both of them onto the same island. They decide to share carpentry skills to repair their ships, but alas, the mysterious theft of the golden notes, Fa and So, prevents them from singing their songs. With no songs, no work can be completed. No sailing can take place. How will they ever get home??