Sue Smith


Sonic Playground is now dispersed.   Instruments have been passed along to schools and studios.   We're grateful for the ten years of musical adventures we shared with children who enjoyed the various programs and playgrounds.  Play on!




Sonic Playground was co-created by Sue Smith, Barb Bryce and Dr. Leslie Wyber as a means for children to engage with musical explorations in a playful learning environment.

Sonic Playground's instruments, designed and created by Barb Bryce, were made from familiar objects used in new and unusual ways. The instruments were designed for children who had no previous musical training.  The collection included a huge variety of drums, shakers, gongs, bells, chimes, plus hockey stick electric basses, and included a special collection specifically for toddlers.  Construction materials have included oven racks, suitcases, rubber balls, keys, spoons, door-stoppers, clock chimes, metal pipe, water jugs, golf balls, hockey sticks and pucks. The Fence-post-top Bell Tree, the Aluminum Pipe Chimes, golf ball strikers and hockey stick basses were favourites amongst many groups.


If you are interested to learn more about Sonic Playground,  or the  instrument design and construction, please use the Contact Form.