Press for I'm So

"A former Bird Sister (90s folk trio from the Guelph area) Sue has just released a solo effort, a collection of songs examining relationships and love. There's a huge amount of songwriting talent here, a voice of maturity and wisdom, a fine cast of musicians (among them Richard Bell and Scott Merritt) and generally a CD well worth having."
Music News ~ Volume #9 Issue#3 Feb/07

"the concert was an enriching experience, an evening of joy and exhuberance." Philip Bast - Arts Editor, The Record

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Soaring Songsmith, May 26, Guelph Tribune, written by Ned Bekevac. Click here for more..

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“The lady sure has guts.” Robert Reid, K-W Record

“Get Up and Fly by Smith was reminiscent of the delicate classic Blue album material by Joni Mitchell."  Michael Metzger,  Tucson Weekly

“It’s difficult to pin her down.” Kathleen Elliott,  Guelph Daily Mercury