I'm So

Sue Smith's Solo Debut Album

"Well, the very biggest news I can tell you is that I finished my debut CD. It’s been a long time coming - about 2 and a half years in process from inspiration, writing, recording, mixing, mastering and all. I am thrilled with the sound of it. I am thrilled to be in the musical company of such fine players who lent their talents to my songs. The best part is that making this record has brought me great joy. What could be better than that?

I hope you enjoy it.

I hope you catch the joy of Frank’s banjo, the endless delight of Davide’s drumming, the solid bottom end laid down by Russ, Leo’s cello that yanks on my heart, Jeff’s electric mandolin mayhem, Rusty’s groovy guitars, Richard’s soulful organ, Scott’s painterly keyboards, Torben’s beautiful acoustic guitar adornments, Nick’s brotherly singing and at the root of it all, me at my Bell piano."

Sue Smith - I'm So

Press for I'm So

"A former Bird Sister (90s folk trio from the Guelph area) Sue has just released a solo effort, a collection of songs examining relationships and love. There's a huge amount of songwriting talent here, a voice of maturity and wisdom, a fine cast of musicians (among them Richard Bell and Scott Merritt) and generally a CD well worth having."
Music News ~ Volume #9 Issue#3 Feb/07

"the concert was an enriching experience, an evening of joy and exhuberance." Philip Bast - Arts Editor, The Record

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“The lady sure has guts.” Robert Reid, K-W Record

“Get Up and Fly by Smith was reminiscent of the delicate classic Blue album material by Joni Mitchell."  Michael Metzger,  Tucson Weekly

“It’s difficult to pin her down.” Kathleen Elliott,  Guelph Daily Mercury


 Sue Smith“an extraordinary CD”
Andy Frank, Senior Producer and Host, CIUT FM

“Wonderful! I truly love everything about the production. It is a very impressive album”
Meinrad Craighead

“The beauty, strength and vibrancy of your new CD ‘I’m So’ is very inspiring and charges my creative spirits. I can’t wait until your next release.”
Allen Kaeja, Choreographer & Film Director

“lovely and eloquent”
Richard Knechtel, Artistic Director, Owen Sound Summerfolk

“Every once in a while, I come across something well outside my usual listening range that’s just irresistible, and that’s what Sue Smith’s “I’m So” is. With eleven original cuts and Canadian to boot, this is an impressive debut. I’m an instant fan.”
Larry Aldrich Proprietor, In Fine Feather


Written and produced by Sue Smith.


I’M SO, a collection of 11 new songs, is Sue’s first musical offering after an extensive period focussing on teaching, dance studies and her fascination with whales. Taking inspiration from northern landscape, singing lessons, dance, introspection and a renewed curiosity in the pop song format, Sue began an intensive writing period, working at her Bell piano, playing, singing, listening, seeking. Initially intended as a demo, I’M SO took on a life of its own, demanding musical attentions beyond the piano and voice.


Two years in the making, the CD collected the fine musicianship of Davide DiRenzo, drums and percussion; Jeff Bird, mandolin, percussion, electric bass; Russ Boswell, electric and upright bass; Rusty McCarthy, electric and acoustic guitars, Scott Merritt, keyboards; Torben Markussen-Brown, acoustic guitar; Richard Bell, organ; Leo Valvassori, bass and cello, Nick Craine, vocals; and Frank Evans, banjo. I’M SO was mixed by Jeff Wolpert, Desert Fish, Toronto, and mastered by Joao Carvalho, Joao Carvalho Mastering, Toronto.


The result is a fine sounding collection of fresh roots/pop tunes and delicate ballads – sometimes winsome and forlorn, always heartfelt. Songs explore the passion of landscape and the thrill of dance intermingled with the the journey of relationship; the desire that insists on hellos and the circumstances that necessitate good-byes, and always love; the force of life in all its glories, desperations and hopes.

“The very best thing about making this record is that it has brought me so much joy and happiness. What a glorious surprise. ” —Sue Smith