Ondine Chorus - Towards a Little Light


Ondine Chorus is a Guelph based vocal ensemble guided by Co-Artistic Directors Shannon Kingsbury and Sue Smith and propelled by their shared desire to workshop and present new vocal works, often in site specific and unexpected venues.  Inspired by nature, community, and the power of the collective voice, Ondine Chorus explores the marriage of vocal expression and physical movement, the relationship between performer and audience and performer and venue. 

ONDINE CHORUS performances include a mix of scored and improvised works.   

When an ice storm descended upon southwestern Ontario and caused Ondine Chorus to cancel a Stratford concert, the sudden availability of time combined with Lewis Melville's offer to seize the opportunity to record, instigated the creation of this EP. If you listen closely you may hear the crackle of the fireplace as the seven musicians and singers huddled around microphones on the cold December evening.

Towards a little light was born.

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Towards A Little Light

Robert Foreground



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