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Tonight We Sail

Guelph-based artist Sue Smith’s revelatory new album offers up a soulful fusion of stellar ensemble playing with veteran musicians Jeff Bird, Kevin Breit, Randall Coryell and Howie Southwood, collectively known as The Potion Kings.

Standing firmly in the centre of the Potion Kings’ incendiary musical alchemy, Sue’s expressive and sultry voice blends melancholy with hope, inviting the listener on a journey into the night and beyond, arriving at the inevitable awakening of a new day.

The songwriting on Tonight We Sail represents a wide span of Sue’s own catalogue, as well as two cover tunes penned by Tom Petty and Robbie Robertson. 

Whenever the Potion Kings play, it's always an adventure, taking deep dives into the worlds of rock, jazz, blues, roots and more. Recorded live in studio (2017/18), Tonight We Sail beautifully captures their inventive mastery, interweaving with Sue’s voice and enlivening an evocative collection of songs.   

"With the deep mature swagger that emanates from the great Sue Smith, Tonight We Sail is an album that has us hanging on to every breath she inhales and every sound she delivers to the last drop of audible and imperceptible possibilities."

Karen Kaeja
Award-winning Choreographer and Performer
Co-Artistic Director Kaeja d’Dance

"A beautiful and thrilling respite from the shit-storm that was 2020 and the gaping, looming maw of 2021. Sue Smith with the Potion Kings and her new album Tonight We Sail is the perfect blend of Sue's delicate, controlled vocals and the Potion Kings’ frenetic deep grooves."

Michael Timmins, Cowboy Junkies

Authentically mysterious - at once, melancholic, universal and poignant.

Nora Hutchinson, MFA
Performance & Video Artist


In Guelph, CDs are available for purchase at:
With the Grain
295 Woolwich St.
Guelph, ON

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