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April 9, 2020



Our good friend Vicki Fraser is presenting an online Concert - featuring Guelph Artists.  Bless her.

Jeff and I will be performing from deep within the confines of ScuttleBut Lodge, also known as our living room.

Tix  are on sale now.  Attendance is limited.





April 8/20


Rest in Peace, John Prine.

Thank you for your voice, your wisdom, your spirit.

We remember you.  We will sing your songs.




With fond memories of me and Lil, hitchiking through the scottish highlands as 18-year-olds, ending up in Orkney Islands, pitching a tent against the howling north sea wind and eating a can of peaches, singing.

Blow up your TV, throw away your paper, go to the country, build you a home. Plant a little garden, eat a lot of peaches.




Stay safe, stay at home.    Sing.








NEWS Fall 2019


I'm rocketing into the homestretch on my new recording -  Tonight We Sail - which will be released early in 2020 with a series of live concerts.  Featuring Jeff Bird, Kevin Breit, Randall Coryell, Howie Southwood, aka the Potion Kings, with Nick Craine and Gwen Swick.  Singer-Songwriter meets Heartland Rock.  Co-produced by Jeff Bird and Sue Smith.


Meanwhile...I'm looking forward to singing a couple of shows this fall:

  • * on Saturday October 5th, I'll join several other performers at St. Matthew's Anglican Church in Orangeville for a fundraising community building concert put together by the wonderful Ann Lay.


  • * with Harri Palm, Jeff Bird and Randall Coryell on Friday October 25th at the ANAF club in Guelph @ 32 Gordon Ave.  $20 cash only.  Doors @ 8:30 pm,  Show @ 9 pm.   Singer-Songwriter meets Heartland Rock, LIVE and on the fly.











A Sunday Afternoon Salon - Wall of Fame Presentation and Concert Sept. 30 

   - I'm honoured to receive this award, especially from an organization that was created by community.

There will be performances, words of wisdom, retrospective art displays, and the unveiling of "Sue Smith's Little Book of Musical Inspiration, In the Words of My Students", a curated collection of quotes by my students during lessons. 



The Guelph Youth Music Centre 2018 Wall of Fame Announcement:

2018 Wall of Fame Recipient ...moi.



Like A Bird from Sue Smith on Vimeo.



In July, I discovered the Peter Bogdanovich documentary on Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.   Watched it all in one go.   Very soon after was compelled to write this song.    Like A Bird.   With the passing of Tom Petty in September it has become an unintended elegy.  


Tom Petty knew how to fly all along.




Oct. 18,  

And our dear Gord Downie,


we try to reciprocate

your massive gift of spirit and art





October 3, 2017


Blessings on the life of Tom Petty,

who rocked our world, who knew how to  fly...


Love and gratitude to Tom Petty, his family, the Heartbreakers and all who were moved by his music.















Blue Whale Exhibit at the ROM

Sue in the Jaws

IWD March 8/17  Inside the jaws of a Blue Whale


blue whale


blue whale jaw



Honorary Chair, Women of Distinction 2017

Sue HOn Chair


I am honoured and excited to have been asked to take on the job of Honorary Chair, Women of Distinction 2017. Nominations are now open and will be received until Jan. 31/17.   Our Gala will be on Thursday May 4, at the River Run Centre, honouring the stories and exceptional contributions to Arts, Science, Business, Education, Trades and more made by the women of Guelph.   More information:  WomenofDistinction 2017


April 2016:   Spring Awakes!  is coming.   This will be the 5th Annual event, produced by SKSS productions to support the Old Growth Forest at Ignatius Jesuit Centre.    Song, dance, poetry and surprise will intermingle with the flushing trees, the rushing river, the blooming wood flowers.




February 2016:  SEASON SINGERS Session XXVIII is now underway!    The all new "Quest For the Rainbow" will premiere on Sunday February 28th at the Guelph LIttle Theatre - 176 Morris St., Guelph.   Tickets are on sale now at Janus Books (10 Paisley St., in the MarketFresh Mall)  $12 per Adult (CASH ONLY plus handling), Children 12 and under are FREE.  All seats require a ticket.



 Ondine Chorus is gearing up for Solstice Concerts - Dec. 13 at Wellington County Museum (2 pm) amidst a beautiful display of log cabin quilts, Thursday Dec. 17 at the recently re-opened Art Gallery of Guelph, and Friday Dec. 18 at the beautiful Paul Morin Gallery in the Alton Mill Art Centre, Alton ON.   Ticket info is on the Calendar page.





During my recent visit to the MICS team in Gaspe, I made pies!  We decorated it as you see because....B105 is a Blue Whale which in years past has been sighted in the Azores, and this year was sighted in the Estuary of the St. Lawrence.  This is the first ever physical evidence that an individual has crossed the Atlantic.  A great reason to celebrate with Pie.  On the computer screen is the photo  match of B105. 


Check out my blog "Me and the Ravens" on our HuginandMunin.ca site:





ladder endorsement



 Preparing to rehearse the Hugin & Munin Song Cycle...beautiful afternoon spring sun...

Live at the Culture Cafe   sue@culturPhoto courtesy of JAW


La Grande Bleue - a resounding success at the Biodome and the opportunity to play with Guy St. Onge, Patricia Deslauriers, Paul Reddick, Yves Poirier, and Patrice Dufour and the opportunity to meet Mylene Paquette, who rowed solo across the Atlantic, Halifax to Lorient, France.

Richard Talks

Richard talks about Mingan Island Cetacean Study and about "Symphony"s movements off the east coast.  4.5 months and the satellite tag is still tansmitting.  http://rorqual.com




paul& Steve Blue




Jeff & Mylene

 Jeff & Mylene Paquette after the show

November 12 2013

At 11:09 a.m. in France (05:09 a.m. EST) on November 12, 2013, after 129 days at sea, capsizing 10 time and facing waves of over 10 meters, Mylène Paquette became the first North American woman to row solo across the North Atlantic Ocean, from Canada to France.http://mylenepaquette.com





"She believed greatlly in kindness."  Margot Howard, on her mother, Ann Landers



17 pies and counting....my annual fall Pie for Whales project to support Mingan Island Cetacean Study and many happy pie-eaters.






"It is insane to think that we could ever start planning to move colonists out to other planets and other star systems when we have used up this planet.  It is absolutely mandatory that we do not use this planet up."   Dr. E. O. Wilson





Sue Smith & Jeff Bird @ Magnolia Cafe in Guelph  Saturday November 8.    Book your tickets:  arvimagnolia@yahoo.ca





Friday Oct. 31  Ondine Chorus  Hallow's Eve Concert and Dinner at Artisanale in GUELPH, ON



Check out Patty Maher's self-portrait, inspired by Sue's song "Beloved, Scorned" as heard at the Eden MIlls concert celebrating the JENNIS CD

I saw your show a couple of weeks ago and I was really moved by it - most especially by your song "Beloved Scorned" (I think that was the title).






Lots of cool shows coming up this Spring!  Sue will be performing along with Jeff Bird, Murray Ritchie, the Great Wooden Trio and Comedian Evan Carter to support Bracelet Of Hope on Friday May 9 at the Guelph Youth Music Centre.   Shannon and Sue are organizing the 3rd Annual Spring Awakes!  event in support of the Plant and Old Growth Forest Project at Ignatius Jesuit Centre.   Plan to walk with us - Sunday May 25th, and be enchanted by the spring woods, full of music, dance, poetry and surprise!.  


Tickets are on sale now at the Bookshelf.   All funds raised go directly to support the Plant An Old Growth Forest Project at Ignatius Jesuit Centre.http://oldgrowthforest.ca


  Ondine Chorus will be performing two Summer Solstice Concerts - one in the Paul Morin Gallery at the Alton Mill Art Centre - a beautiful, artful, gorgeously resonant space - Saturday June 21 at 8 pm,  and on Sunday June 22 Ondine Chorus will be singing a Procession Concert throughout the beautiful sculpture gardens of the Gallery Stratford  2 pm start time.   We hope you will join us.


THANK YOU to everyone who voted for Ondine Chorus in CBC Searchlight.  You got us to the Semi-Finals, and we appreciate your support!  We wish all the best to the Finalists all across the country!   Sue & Shannon


Photos from our EP Release Concert are here: Internal link to: Ondine Chorus

It's here!

 .Towards A Little Light - Cover


Ondine Chorus's upcoming EP, "Towards A Little Light" is available now on Bandcamp:
Celebrate with us on Saturday March 29 at Macdonald Stewart Art Centre
Tickets on sale now at the Bookshelf in Guelph.  


Check out this blog post on Aidan Ware, Director of Gallery Stratford

Craig Norris and The Morning Edition premiered of "Into the Dark" from Ondine Chorus' upcoming EP on January 22/14.  Sue wrote this song specifically for the Solstice Concert at Gallery Stratford, inspired by the David Rokeby Exhibition.  Recorded by Ondine Chorus during the ice storm of December.  




 Check out Maresa Bell's video of Season Singers "Sweet Nectar, I Tell Ya" song.




Check out Julie Corey's blogpost on Evenine Guerilla Concerts at the Happy Making Pianos:




Check out the new Facebook page for Ondine Chorus http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ondine-Chorus/433663080079784

New Gallery is up for Spring Awakes! Internal link to: Spring Awakes!
Woman of Distinction - Arts and Culture!

WoDMerc photo

 Sue is the Recipient of the 2013 Women of Distinction Award, Arts and Culture!


Sue will be the featured artist at the Elora Acoustic Cafe, April 12.  Elora Centre For the Arts.
New Gallery has been created for Ondine Chorus
Ondine Chorus will be in concert at the Brubacher's in Elmira, June 23.   Stay tuned for more details.
Randy Sutherland's photos of When Mermaids Sing are up!  Check them out on the Galleries/Season Singers page.

Check out Richard Sear's article on Sue, aka Mme. Pomme Tarte, and her ongoing mission to bake pies to raise funds for MICS (MIngan Island Cetacean Study).



 pie lady







Check out Sue's blog post on Collaborating with Karen Kaeja and Shannon Kingsbury to create the score for "Crave To Tell"


Thursday March 8
E.L.Fox Auditorium
John F. Ross Highschool
$15 at the Door
to Benefit Guelph Wellington Women in Crisis
Music, dance, poetry, film...presented by the FAB FIVE FESTIVALS
featuring a new choreography by Karen Kaeja
Scored by Sue Smith & Shannon Kingsbury

"Oh Little Planet", a new musical for children, the XXIVth Session of Season Singers, is set to run Sunday February 26 at the Guelph LIttle Theatre.   Shows are at 3:30 and 7:00 pm.

Advance tickets:
Ground Floor Music
13 Quebec St.
Guelph   519-827-1444
Adults $10
Children 12 and under FREE
all seats require a ticket.

Check out Ed Video's doc. of Nora Hutchinson's recent installation....

Water Way
SKSS Presents
Sunday November 27   7:30 pm
George Luscombe Theatre
Univ. of Guelph

Bringing together professional singers, actors, musicians, designers, visual artists, dancers, storytellers and spoke word artists, Water Way will feature original and time-honoured  explorations of our human connection to water.

Jan Sherman, Jane and John Watson, Fall on Your Feet Dance Collective, Janet Morton, Kevin Sutton, Ondine Chorus, Kathryn Loveday, Lorraine Bruce-Allen, Barbara Bryce, Evenine Chorus, and more....

$20 plus handling
All Proceeds to Wellington Water Watchers and NDACT (No MEga Quarry)
Tickets on sale now at
Ground Floor Music
13 Quebec St.

A Performance Arts Hike
presented by SKSS productions to
Fundraise for the Plant An Old Growth Forest Project
SUNDAY MAY 15  2 - 4 pm
Advance tickets only  - Available at Ground Floor Music

Check out the new photo gallery for "Who Put Out the Lights?"  

Sue will be the featured Guest at the Elora Acoustic Cafe,   Elora Centre for the Arts, Elora ON, Friday April 8th.

Sue Smith & Jeff Bird - HOUSE CONCERT in Guelph.   Saturday March 5.   An Intimate evening of music and song.   Contact fmccairley@gmail.com for tickets.

Season Singers Session XXIII gets underway Jan. 29 with shows  set for Sunday Februay 20 ,   3:30  and 7:00 pm at the GUELPH LITTLE THEATRE.Northern lights, labradorite, mischievous tap-dancing skeletons meet Lord Borealis and Queen Aurora.   Featuring all new original songs.   Script by Barb Bryce, Sue Smith and Augusta Supple.  Also featuring a special collaboration with the Guelph Youth Dance Company.

Season Singers has been awarded a Youth Opportunities Grant from the Guelph Arts Council for a partnership with the Guelph Little Theatre  presenting a technical theatre skills training program for youth.   Check out the story in the Guelph Tribune:http://www.guelphtribune.ca/arts_and_entertainment/article/227194

January 15, 7:30 pm  Sue Smith, Shannon Kingsbury, Jeff Bird, Andrew McPherson, Nick Craine  and friends will raise their voices  in song.  Eden Mills Hall, 108 York St., Eden Mills . Tickets on sale now at the Bookshelf and Ground Floor Music,  Quebec St. , Guelph. Contact Kit Bresnahan: kitbresnahan@gmail.com

Check out the stories in the Guelph Mercury:

and Guelph Tribune:

This event will benefit the St. Patrick's Ward Community Initiative and the Eden Mills Community Club.

The St. Patrick's Ward Community Initiative is a small group of neighbours have a come up with a meaningful use for Guelph's oldest elementary school (1879) which is slated for closure in 2012. The initiative proposes a youth community centre with a full time after school staff. The centre focuses on redirecting youth from ages 12 to 18 into meaningful activities in the arts, sport, culture, new media and nutrition. The Initiative has partnered with The Canadian Autoworkers Association Local 1917 and hopes to partner with the Guelph Rotarians in the new year.

The Eden Mills Community Club (greening the old community hall to make it more environmentally friendly) and the Eden Mills Millpond Conservation Association (now is in the process of raising funds to buy the 12.5 acres of land surrounding the actual Millpond) are both associated with the Carbon Neutral Initiative of Eden Mills.  

Join Sue, Evenine, Shannon Kingsbury, Choir in Motion, Fall on Your Feet Dance Collective, Robert Kingsbury, Brenda McMorrow and more in support of Jerome Giovinazzo's 3 year, 3 months and 3 days silent retreat for Peace.   Friday December 3rd, St. James' Anglican Church, Guelph.  Advance tickets at the Bookshelf and Ground Floor Music.

Check out the new photo gallery of the Season Singers show, "Hullaballoo at the Grand Old Tree"

On Dec. 12, Sue was Alden Hadwen’s guest on her CFRU FM radio show, "Guelph Desert Island Discs”. Answering the question, "What music and poetry would you take with you to a Desert Island?”, the airwaves were graced with Hildegard of Bingen, Deena Metzger, Alberta Hunter, Pops Staples, Joni Mitchell, Shakespeare, Oliver Schroer, Marvin Gaye, Alfredo Catalani and lots more. To listen to the archive: http://www.cfru.ca/archive.php


Sue Smith at pianoNovember 24 Margaret Atwood’s inspiring visit to Guelph coincided with the birth of the Evenine Singers. A full house at Norfolk United Church witnessed the auspicious occasion of a meeting of "Guelph God’s Gardeners”, celebrating the recent Margaret Atwood book, "Year of the Flood”. The evening’s festivities included performances by Michael Doleschell as Adam15, me as Eve Nine the choir director, the Evenine Singers, (delivering recently penned music by me and by Jeff Bird, based on texts from "Year of the Flood”), and the stellar Margaret Atwood appearing as the Oracle. And, all sounded mighty fine. For more information read the Mercury article. Take a look at the photos...


I am so excited about a new band I discovered in Campbellford: JOKERS WILD. I heard them play in July and immediately invited them to come do a show in Guelph. They are young, original and seriously influenced by Led Zeppelin and cool jazz with Nirvana and Jaco Pastorius and Chet Baker and Oasis all getting a nod. I asked RED ROSARY, a fabulous young band from Guelph to come on board. They won the Guelph Battle of the Bands which landed them a gig at this year's Hillside. They deliver groovy and original rock with brains and charm. They are great. RED ROSARY invited their friends UNION BLACK to join in the party - all of which is going to make it an amazing night of music in Guelph.

I'm excited to present this ALL AGES show at ED VIDEO, Friday August 14, doors 8 pm.THREE BANDS FOR FIVE BUCKS.
Come and check out three great young bands, and let's give a warm Guelph welcome to JOKERS WILD.
Hope to see you there.


Pies to Conquor CancerPies to Conquer Cancer

Thank you one and all for supporting the pie project. Together we raised $500 for Les Becanes Bleues, aka Evie and Richard, for their Ride To Conquer Cancer bike ride from Montreal to Quebec City this summer. 25 pies baked and enjoyed!


Wedding Threads
Interview with Karen Kaeja

"Karen Kaeja's gorgeous Wedding Threads, a lush piece about mother-daughter relationships" -- Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival, May and End of May Newsletters by Marie Davis Zimmerman

Click here for a feature interview on Wedding Threads in the latest GCDF newsletter.

Sonic Playground at Donkey Days

Sonic Playground will be visiting the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada on Donkey Day, June 14.
Please see Calendar for more information.


Check out the new Season Singers Gallery

The Land of HueThe Season Singers world premiere
3:30 pm and 7 pm

a new musical for children
Written by Barbara Jean Bryce, Sue Smith and Augusta Supple
Lyrics written by Sue Smith, Augusta Supple & Gwen Swick
Music written by Sue Smith

Trinity United Church Auditorium
400 Stevenson N.

Adults - suggested donation $5 - $10
Children - Free!

The Season Singers is a performing arts troupe for children aged 6 - 12 who love to sing, dance and perform. Season Singers is guided by Artistic Director Sue Smith and Designer/Artist Barbara Jean Bryce. This show marks the twenty-first session of Season Singers and is the second new musical for children created by the team.

The Land of Hue takes us on a musical journey illustrating a most exclusive and informative lecture by world renowned Professor, Dr. Erasma Imaginatava Aristotalia Einsteinia Hawkview Hue, PdD, MDColour, R.O.Y.G.B.I.V. Dr. Hue will illuminate the history of the rainbow, and how a stranger, a chickadee, and a gypsy all provide foundation and fact pointing to the inevitable and vital truth of Dr. Hue’s groundbreaking theory.

Sue Smith and Jeff Bird on CouchKAEJA MUSIC SOIREE
February 20, 2009
7:30 - 9:30 pm
Dovercourt House, Toronto
TICKETS: $20 at door, $15 CADA, student,
$10 children 12 years of age and under
To RSVP or purchase advanced tickets, please email kaeja@kaeja.org or call 416 516 6030.

Please join us for an intimate Fundraiser to remount Wedding Threads (Choreographer: Karen Kaeja, Composer: Sue Smith) at the Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival. The night will feature a concert by Sue Smith & Jeff Bird, performances by Karen and Allen Kaeja and a young flock of Wedding Threaders, a fantastic silent auction, food and bar and a few surprises!

For more news, please see the Archive