Sue Smith's I'm So Available on Bandcamp

April 30, 2020

I'm So,  my debut release of May 2006 has turned 14.  It is now available for on Bandcamp.

And, May1st, June 5th and July 3rd,  Bandcamp will be donating its revenue share in support of artists during COVID19.

Listening through the tracks again was such a lift - a 13-year-old Frank Evans on Banjo,  Leo Valvassori's mournful cello, Nick Craine's angelic singing,  Davide DiRenzo's seriously groovy drumming, Jeff Bird's deep soul in whatever plays, the late Richard Bell's masterful keyboard playing...and more.  Grateful for all the players and all the engineers; Nik Tjelios, Scott Merritt, Jeff Bird, Jeff Wolpert and João Carvalho.  Such ears!