Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival June 4 - 7

Exhibition Park

"Karen Kaeja's gorgeous Wedding Threads, a lush piece about mother-daughter relationships" -- Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival, May and End of May Newsletters by Marie Davis Zimmerman

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Part of the Site Specific Series presented by the Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival, this glorious intergenerational cast of six women and five youth including Karen's daughter Mika, return to a landscape with luscious imagery that captures the hearts of many. Originally commissioned by Dusk Dances, the performance reveals the inevitable hopes, dreams and magical ties between these generations of women. Flooded in white, Wedding Threads brings alive the relationship between women and their daughters.

Choreography by: Karen Kaeja
Adult Interpreters: Tanya Crowder, Diana Groenendijk, Jennifer Hellend, Shelly Hering, Ashley Sanderson and Lynda Walters
Children Interpreters: Mika Kaeja, Aliyah Hirchberg, Eva Myers, Kienna Shaw, and Raphaella Valeri.
Original composition performed live by Sue Smith.